Content Spotlight is the best SEO agency in Kolkata, providing a wide range of services, including writing, Enterprise, and Local SEO, to its clients. People often confuse the terms “SEO” and “SEM.” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization whereas SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEO is how well you optimize your website for search engines. The SEO scores vary from 0 to 100, and a good SEO score is considered above 90. A score of 90 and above can only be reached when a website is optimized for On-Page, Technical and Off-Page SEO, including website speed, performance, user experience, and web accessibility. SEM is when you decide to place ads on search engines to reach targets and meet marketing goals. As the best SEO agency in Kolkata, Content Spotlight stresses factors that are overlooked by other agencies. Being a top SEO agency in India, Content Spotlight provides holistic support to business websites and improves their SEO score.

Content Spotlight abides by Google’s algorithms and best practices.

When it comes to optimizing the site for On-Page SEO, the team at Content Spotlight is well aware of the search engine algorithms used to rank posts in SERPs. As one of the best SEO agencies in Kolkata, Content Spotlight discusses the project first with the client so that the client is aware of the positive outcomes from the quality of the deliverables. Below are a few factors that the company gives priority to when it comes to optimizing for On-Page SEO.

a. Anchor Text: Anchor text is a search engine ranking signal and needs to be chosen very wisely, depending on the article. Anchor text should not be too short and should be at least 3 words or more. The link pointing to the anchor text can be an internal or external link, but it should have some relevance to the target URL. There can be many anchor texts in the article, but they should be proper and relevant. Considered one of the best SEO companies in India, careful consideration is taken by the team not to include the primary keyword or focus key phrase in the anchor text.

b. Alt Tags: As one of the leading SEO agencies in India, Content Spotlight is aware of alt attributes. Alt tags, or attributes, are alternative texts or descriptions that appear in place of an image on a webpage if the image fails to load for some reason. Alt tags are mandatory and a Google ranking signal, and proper care should be taken to fill the alt tags of all images on a website to improve On-Page SEO.

c. H1 tags: H1 tags are very important as they help identify the main subject of an article. There can be only one H1 tag in a post, and it should be carefully written. H1 tags play a crucial role when optimizing a website or blog article for On-Page SEO.

d. H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags: Content Spotlight is the best SEO agency in Kolkata and gives importance to tags. H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags are equally important in a blog article as they help to identify different subheadings under which a blog post is written. However, a blog post does not need to have all the tags, but it should have at least one or two tags to identify the subheadings.

e. Keyword prominence: Since Content Spotlight provides one of the best SEO services in Kolkata and globally, it takes keyword prominence into due consideration when writing articles or blog posts. Keyword prominence is a search engine ranking signal and should be included in the first paragraph of the article. LSI semantic keywords can also be used along with the main keyword to make it more relevant. However, keyword stuffing should not be done, as it can negatively impact SEO.

f. Title tags: Content is the best SEO agency in Kolkata and knows the importance of title tags. Title tags play a very key role in On-Page SEO and can adversely affect rankings and make content inferior and ignored by search engines if not dealt with properly.

g. Text Formatting: Text formatting is often ignored by SEO agencies but is an essential part of On-Page SEO. Content Spotlight, a leading SEO service provider in Kolkata, takes writing and formatting text very seriously.

h. Spelling and grammar: It is required to revise and proofread content before publishing. Content should be reviewed many times by editors and proofreaders so that it is free from spelling and grammar errors. Spelling and grammar issues are taken seriously by search engines, as they penalize websites that do not take this aspect into consideration.

i. Quality of links: Proper linking plays a very crucial role in On-Page SEO. Internal linking is the most important aspect of On-Page SEO. It should be done properly and by an expert in this field. Internal linking holds the key, and all articles should be interlinked with each other depending on the keywords and anchor texts. External linking is also important, and anchor texts should point to relevant URLs with higher Domain authority and rating.

j. Friendly URLs: As a recognized and best SEO agency in Kolkata, the team at Content Spotlight gives due consideration when choosing titles for a blog post. The titles and slugs are chosen very carefully, as search engines warn websites about unfriendly URLs that can adversely impact their SEO score.

Content Spotlight provides the best SEO services in Kolkata and abroad.

Being the best SEO agency in Kolkata, the writers and SEO specialists working at Content Spotlight are very proficient in the digital world, including writing, SEO, and SEM. They are versatile and have special qualities that make Content Spotlight stand out from the crowd. Writers are from different backgrounds and verticals and are chosen to write engaging and evergreen content. They discuss the project, set the timelines, prepare a roadmap, start working, and abide by the deadlines given by the client. The teamwork is excellent, and each member collaborates with other team members to improve the quality of the deliverables. As a top SEO company in Kolkata, Content Spotlight always aims to improve the quality of work and provide perfection in the interests of clients.

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