Content Spotlight provides one of the best SEO services in Kolkata due to its experience and the presence of highly skilled people, including writers and SEO specialists. Content Spotlight is a leading SEO service provider, as it delivers both Local and Enterprise SEO services. The company focuses on the best SEO practices and strategies, search engine algorithms and guidelines, and industry standards. Writing, SEO, and keyword research are some of the areas that the company specializes in to drive excellent results. Keyword research plays a very important role in SEO, as the website revolves around its main keywords to drive organic growth and an increase in traffic. Content Spotlight provides one of the best SEO services in Kolkata by engaging with clients and delivering the best solutions.

The team at Content Spotlight focuses on all areas of Technical SEO.

a. Core Web Vitals: Core Web Vitals is now a Google ranking signal, and agencies working on SEO are taking this into consideration, as ignoring it could negatively impact rankings. It is not easy to pass the Core Web Vitals test, and agencies should take each website separately to deal with the issue. As a recognized SEO company in Kolkata that provides the best SEO services in Kolkata, Content Spotlight resolves issues related to Core Web Vitals. Factors like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and HTTP requests need to be dealt with independently to pass the Core Web Vitals test. It regularly studies and implements changes in search engine algorithms to stand out from the crowd.

b. Website Speed: The website speed on desktop and mobile devices is taken seriously by search engines, as they do not consider and rank websites that are affected by speed and loading time. The websites should pass the Google Page Speed Insights test to improve their search rankings and visibility on the web.

c. Mobile Friendliness: Mobile friendliness is given priority by search engines as people use them more often as compared to desktops or laptops. Websites should pass the Page Speed Insights test for mobile devices. As Content Spotlight provides one of the best SEO services in Kolkata, factors like mobile-responsive themes and plugins are given importance to make websites mobile-friendly.

d. Website Quality: As one of the best SEO agencies to work with in Kolkata, Content Spotlight emphasizes the importance of website quality for clients. Website quality should be supreme, and factors like user experience and web accessibility should be given priority to maintain and improve website quality. Attributes like images, quality of content, and backlinks also determine a website’s quality.

Content Spotlight monitors website performance and provides the best SEO services in India.

It is very important to monitor the performance of a website. As Content Spotlight provides one of the best SEO services in Kolkata, it takes care of the website’s runtime and downtime. It examines issues like quality of links, broken links, bounce rate, user experience, web accessibility, and speed to improve the performance of a website. Users tend to ignore websites that are difficult to navigate and have a high load time. They are more likely to choose websites that are fast, secure, and easy to deal with. As one of the leading SEO service providers in India, clients rely on Content Spotlight for their SEO issues.

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